Our Story:

Deborah and Olivia met at Dawson College in Montréal, Québec in 2011 on the competitive Cheerleading team. Immediately bonding over food, their friendship blossomed and the rest is history... 

Olivia and Deb both knew that they wanted to pursue something purposeful in their lifetime and soon realized that there would never be a "perfect" time. Countless hours, conversations, car drives, and coffee shop meetings lead to the founding of Make it Matter. With a lot of hard work, failed attempts, and harsh realities, the two set off the beginning of what they believe to be the work they wish to do for the rest of their lives-- Making education matter for ALL learners. 

Equally passionate about education, the dynamic duo are constantly at work to better themselves as individuals while also working towards constant social change. 

You can catch them in deep conversation while exploring the Big Apple, or on a low-key bedtime FaceTime call where they are always working and snacking. This pair will not let distance, funding, or time get in the way of accomplishing their goals at ensuring quality education for all learners! 

Stay tuned for what they have in store for you in the coming months... 

Mission &Vision

Make It Matter (MIM) is a non-profit organization that funds project specific initiatives that support quality education for all learners. We believe that all learners are entitled to academic resources that will enhance their educational experience.