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Red Barn


Let's join together, and Make it Matter.

The inclusive community will provide a safe and inviting space to the neurodiverse community whereby workshops, classes and professional development would take place. As well, programs such as inclusive & low ratio summer camps and events would take place in this space. This community will also help provide our neurodiverse partners with employment in order to keep the day to day tasks and duties running. Employment and inclusion in the community will help develop skills such as problem solving, communication, socialization, task management, etc.



Our barn will provide a space for youth and adults to attend paramedical services through therapeutic horseback riding and outdoor centers. This project would also create a safe space for neurodiverse and neurotypical persons to come together.


The clinic will offer intervention services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and other therapies out of the same facility so that individuals have all their support services in one space. This will also have a positive impact on their socioaffective sphere of development since they can create relationships with people they frequently visit.


The inclusive housing will help our neurodiverse adults have a safe and sustainable place to live independently all the while benefiting from the services they need. This would also help these individuals' families feel confident that their loved ones are frequenting a secure and supportive environment.

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